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Our favorite RV podcasts

Our favorite RV podcasts

RV podcasts are popular and getting more so and taking a road trip is the ideal time to annoy the other travelers in your tow vehicle with podcasts. There are a lot of articles about favorite songs for road tripping but since everybody’s tastes in music are so different, it would seem that you’ve already made up your own favorite road trip songs. Or just listen to satellite radio. 

Podcasts are a free and often entertaining way to learn something new. I listen to a lot of podcasts myself about all sorts of things from personal financial advice to old radio mysteries and, of course, RV podcasts. 

RV podcasts give you an opportunity to either take a road trip vicariously or just learn something new that might turn your next RV journey into StressLess Camping. Yeah, I know, we got the name of the blog in there. 

My Criteria

There are a few criteria I use when choosing to subscribe to a podcast. First of all, I really want the audio quality to be on par with what I would hear on the radio. Since I tend to listen in the car those podcasts where the audio levels are all over the place just are unlistenable. Some podcasts I’ve heard sound like they’re being recorded on a shoe phone. No thanks. 

Also, I want some sort of takeaway from the podcasts. For example, am I learning something? Am I just being entertained? Just listening for the sake of hearing someone chat into a mic doesn’t make it in my book. 

Lastly, I don’t want there to be too many advertisements. I realize podcasts are free and that the hosts have to make a living and I don’t mind relevant advertisements. It’s customary with TV programs that fully one-third of the content is advertising. Well that would make me unsubscribe to a podcast. With that in mind, here are the RV podcasts I personally enjoy. 

The RV Entrepreneur with Heath and Alyssa Padgett

I’ve been listening to Heath and Alyssa Padgett’s podcast on ways to earn a living while seeing the country since the first episode and podcaster Heath has really gotten a good vibe going. He and Alyssa have also become almost celebrities in the RV social media world with sponsorship by Winnebago. They also do a lot of videos about RVing. 

The podcast itself has good advice for anyone who plans to make their living on the road or just supplement their income. The show is an interview format and Heath has found some great guests in the 100+ episodes the duo have offered up.

Pink Flamingo RV Radio

Even if Tracy and Austin Miller weren’t sponsors of this forum I would still be a huge fan of this fun and well-produced podcast that’s really about RVing in general. Tracy does a good job interviewing people in the RV industry and finding the doggone strange, interesting, retro and unique. 

From vintage RVs to new stuff to safety tips, Pink Flamingo RV Radio is really a fun listen and you can tell that Tracy and son, Austin, are having a great time doing this podcast. 

Girl Camper

Janine Petit is possibly the happiest person in the campground and her infectious, fun and upbeat look at the world of RVing is just a joy to listen to, even if I’m not a girl camper myself. Something about my plumbing. 

This is also a general format show where Janine often has guests that she’s found on her various travels. Like Heath and Alyssa, Janine is really finding a huge audience and her podcast often comes from places all over the US. This is a fun vicarious journey and her tips and hints are all very worthwhile. 

But there’s just something about listening to Janine that makes me happy - her laugh and manner is just infectious. 

Living the RV Dream with Traveling Robert

A year ago this podcast was hosted by John and Kathy Huggins who truly inspired me in many ways to make changes in my life and move forward with my dreams. It was truly inspiring and the duo really imparted a great deal of knowledge and information from their years on the road. 

In fact, you would do well to go back and find those podcasts as the duo had some wonderful advice that holds up to this day. Check them out here

Youtuber Robert Morales took over after Kathy’s health issues grounded her and the podcast changed dramatically. Robert’s style is very very different and this is more of a travelogue of Robert’s journeys than the tips and techniques of its previous hosts. 

Still, Robert often features songs he wrote and he has a casual, relaxed way of presenting information so I enjoy going on his journeys with him. 

But Wait. There’s more. 

I realize there are a ton of other podcasts just about RVing and the number of podcasts in general numbers in the thousands. These are just the four RV-related podcasts that I personally subscribe to and enjoy. 

However you should be aware of RV Family Atlas, which is the tales of a family that travels and the challenges they face with their kids on the road. 

I also really like Stuff You Should Know which is a cool general-interest podcast and Part-Time Genius as well. Oh, and Peggy wants me to remind you about Mike Rowe’s very popular The Way I Heard It which is sort of an homage to Paul Harvey’s Rest of the Story. Which you can also find as a podcast, incidentally. 

So, for your next RV journey I hope you find some podcasts you really enjoy - and let us know in the comments below which are your favorites!

Written by Tony Barthel

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