RV Discounts and Deals

If you’re looking for RV discounts and deals we’ve got quite a collection to choose from. From cooking tools for the campfire to overnighting and boondocking to even renting an RV. This page is a great place to start with links to our partners’ pages where we’ve outlined the discounts they offer to StressLess Campers…and even future StressLess Campers.

Cooking and Campfires

The Grubstick. Get the best deal around with our coupon code on the Grubstick. Find the discount and learn more.  

Overnighting and Boondocking

We love boondocking and we have two services that are very different but are both terrific. Each of these services also has a great deal for our StressLess Camping friends.

Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is a membership organization that lets self-contained RVs stay at wineries, breweries, museums, golf courses, historic sites, farms and so many other places. We have a discount on membership for StressLess Campers.

Boondockers Welcome

Boondockers Welcome is a membership organization that lets self-contained RVs stay at residences, farms and with other hosts in local areas. There is no cost to stay with hosts as many of them are RVers themselves or former RVers. This gives you an insight into the area as well as tips and ideas for where to go and what to see - all while saving money. We have a discount on membership for StressLess Campers.

RV Products and Services


While not really a discount, it does help fund this website and podcast when you use our Amazon affiliate link and make a purchase. This won’t cost you a cent more but we get a very small commission on your Amazon purchases when you click here.

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Tochta Mattresses

One of the givens of buying an RV is that you’re going to replace the mattress, generally after the first night. Tochta Mattresses has a special deal for StressLess Campers on a really high quality mattress. Best of all these are sized right for your RV so you get quality that fits.

Vintage Trailer Supply

We love vintage RVs and vintage trailers and Vintage Trailer Supply is the go-to company for parts and ideas for restoring your vintage RV.

Rent an RV

Don’t have your own RV? Did you know that there are two companies who are like matchmakers where you can rent other people’s RVs? This is a great way to try out the great American RV Adventure and potentially even test the specific RV you’re interested in buying.

Even better, if you have an RV this might be a great way for it to make money when you’re not using it.