Camp Jammies

If you’ve popped by for a visit to our house on a Sunday, you’ve likely seen me in my pajamas. When I have nowhere to be, I don’t get dressed.

There is nothing as comfortable as pajamas. Whether it’s my summer tank-sleeper with matching shorts, or my Nick & Nora pink flamingo flannel PJs, I love pajamas. 

And you know when I mostly have nowhere to be? When I’m camping. I have five pair of PJs that live in the camper. If I’m just lounging around all day, why not do it in total comfort, right?

You’ll likely also notice a theme in my PJ collection: coffee, camping, and cocktails (we could say the same about my sock collection, but that’s a story in itself).  Although, one of my favorite pair is for pet lovers, that I found on Amazon (let’s not even talk about online shopping). 

On a related note, let’s take a moment to consider what to wear in chilly mornings and evenings with pajamas. You might think the correct answer is a jacket or sweater or hoodie, but allow me to introduce another option: a warm fuzzy robe. With a robe you get warmth, you match the PJ theme of your outfit, you get pockets, AND it covers your backside to keep it as warm as your torso. 

I’m sure that not everyone agrees. Some people probably think pajamas should be left in the bedroom.  But I say I stress less when I’m dressed less.