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Simple green RV cleaning hacks

Simple green RV cleaning hacks


I’m always looking for some green cleaning hack to make cleaning our RV faster and easier. After all, we are StressLess Camping not RV cleaning. So the less time and effort I spend cleaning, the more I’m spending StressLess Camping!

I’m not much of a housekeeper. I’m the first to admit it. I try to keep the dishes from piling up, and wash the bedsheets somewhat regularly, but other than that I am pretty hopeless. 

But in a small space like a travel trailer,  the dirt feels a little closer somehow.  And, I mean, in that small a space, it really doesn’t take long to clean up, right?  Right!

So I try to be better about keeping the trailer cleaned up. Sure, dishes are obvious, and sheets get stripped and laundered between trips (we’ll talk in another post about making the Murphy bed) but I try to do more than just sop up spills.

I find that my Melaleuca Tough & Tender Wipes are magical for this sort of thing. Normally, I am not one to use anything disposable if I can help it. But StressLess Camping means breaking a few of those rules. And after all, used paper plates do make good kindling. 

Plus, like all Melaleuca products, Tough & Tender is made with plant-derived cleaning ingredients, and have no ammonia, chlorine, or disgusting fumes. Tough & Tender smells fresh and clean and floral; because who wants to smell cleaning products in an enclosed space? Honestly, I don’t understand people who like those harsh odors and bleach toxicity even in a large space.


So, every couple of days, when I finish up the dishes, I grab a Tough & Tender wipe and wipe down the stove top, vent hood, and the galley walls. Then I wipe the tops of the cabinet doors. 

If I’m feeling especially industrious, I grab a second wipe and wipe other walls and any horizontal surfaces that might be gathering dust. 

In the bathroom, Tough & Tender wipes are great on toothpaste and soap splatters on the sink and walls, as well as the tub and the shower enclosure. They clean up the toilet in a breeze, and plop right into the trash can (I don’t burn those - gross!). 

Tough & Tender has done a great job of cleaning up fabric as well, so even the upholstery gets an occasional scrub. 

When I’m all done, I have no fear about throwing the used wipe in with the kindling. They are biodegradable and don’t have any bleach or harsh chemicals, so once they dry out they are just as good as paper plates for getting a fire started. 

When we had our Bed & Breakfast we learned all sorts of cleaning hacks to be able to undo what guests had done while also leaving the rooms tidy and germ-free and do it in short order so the next guest could enjoy the room. 

We learned about Melaleuca products from a guest and, while we were initially skeptical, they truly proved themselves in daily use and the natural ingredients didn’t make our housekeeping staff sick nor did it shorten their lives - a real plus. 

So while joining things and being a consultant aren’t normal for me, these products have proven so good while also being green it swayed me. So you can buy them through the website or even through me - hit the contact form if you’re interested. 

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