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Signs you may be a camp flirt

Signs you may be a camp flirt

There is no one right camping style but Peggy calls me a camp flirt. What can I say, when I see other campers I want to know their stories and share their travel adventures. Many’s the time I offer others some of the craft beer I inevitably have in my trailer and Peggy does bake cookies often times when we get to camp. She’s won county fair awards for her Razzmatazz cookies. 

John & Kathy Huggins whom we spoke with in episode 001 of the StressLess Camping podcast used to suggest bringing extra camp chairs and putting those out ‘round the campfire. It was sort of an invitation to others to come and share stories and experiences. 

But, recently, I went camping with some friends and every time another RV lumbered into the park one of the campers tried their best to wish them out of one of the adjacent sites. Meanwhile, I was wondering who was inside. It gave me an interesting perspective on others. 

At that same camping trip I had already happened to have some craft brew open and was enjoying the ocean and the scenery and the craft brew (and far too much sun) and the camp host came up to collect the payment for the sites we were occupying. Of course after the obligatory transaction, he and I started discussing the craft beer that I had with me and, next thing you know, I find out he craft brews in his RV

I love these kinds of stories from people. Imagine being paid to camp in an incredible spot on the ocean and also brewing beer inside your RV? 

Of course he got an invitation to dinner to which he brought two six packs of his own brew which was quite good. You know if you’re an RVer who brews beer and lives on the cliffs overlooking the ocean you’re doing it right. 


I’ve also seen other RVers playing music and enjoy doing so as well so when I see someone with a guitar I let ‘em know I’ve got a washboard and bottle cap gloves and can provide a, well, unique rhythm section to their tunes. It’s actually a lot of fun and just the kind of thing you’d expect from a nutty camper like myself. 

We’ve also met fellow RV bloggers and YouTubers by speaking out around the campsite - turns out many of them are also camp flirts like me, but some are also really shy. To me that’s funny when they have their channel or website in big letters on the back of their RVs. We don’t. Yet. But we will!

Three Kinds of Campers

Listening to my fellow camper try to put the voodoo eyes on other campers so they wouldn’t park next to us made me sit back, grab a craft brew, and think about the various styles of RVers there are out there. I came up with this list - post your comments if you think I’ve missed something. 

The Intimidator

The Intimidator is the person who sits at their campsite and uses the power of their imagination to wish other campers away from any nearby camp sites. If they had some eye magic or voodoo RV they might employ this to keep the sites around theirs unoccupied. If someone comes near to their site they might growl or hiss or just give stink eye to those individuals. 

I’ve seen lots of Intimidators out there enjoying their campsite’s picnic table, sitting around the campfire and just experiencing all that the campground and surrounding areas have to offer. But if you think you’re going to get a nod or a wave or any recognition from them, you’re clearly mistaken. 


The Invisible Camper

This is the person who you only see when they’re setting up their campsite or breaking it down. Otherwise they’re inside with the air conditioner running on full blast and you can see the odd glow of their TVs lighting up their camper by night. Not my style at all as I go places to go to places but that’s why we say that there’s no wrong style of camping except staying home, though this doesn’t seem that far from that idea. 

The Camp Flirt

This is me. When I see new neighbors I’m the idiot with a beer and/or cookies in hand. Need some help backing in? I’m there. Got an RV-related question? I’m happy to answer if I can. I’ve always been like this and can’t help myself. 

Conversely I have met the very coolest people and some are actually receptive to my advances, a few have even enjoyed some beers with me and have exchanged stories and tips that are terrific. 

This is also why I earned an Ambassador badge for my community and why I believe it’s a good thing to be part of service clubs and that sort of thing. Yep, I’m the camp tour director and I’m sure some folks think I’m annoying. At least they do if they’re Intimidators or Invisible Campers. 

What’s your style of camping? Did I miss someone here? I always appreciate your responses and comments below or on social media. 

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