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Making the RV bed into a StressLess Camping experience

Making the RV bed into a StressLess Camping experience

The RV Superbag - the bag itself and the sheets that attach inside.

Making the bed in an RV can be something less than StressLess Camping to be sure so we were happy when we came across a really good solution. At the Quartzsite RV show we came across the RV Super Bag which can be described as a fancy sleeping bag that is designed to replace the bedding in your RV. The best part of this system is how easy it is to make the bed - you simply zip up the side. 

Now that sounds like a sleeping bag right? There is a lot to be said for sleeping bags. They’re cozy and they roll up. If you sleep in a single sleeping bag and zip it up, you can refer to yourself as a snore burrito. Okay, maybe that’s not much of an advantage. 

The difference between this and your normal sleeping bag is that there are sheets available that simply attach to the inside of the bag which can be easily removed and laundered. This is a nice plus and makes this feel much more like the bedding at home. 

But the best part is making the bed - you basically don’t. You unzip the side of the bag and crawl in. Now that’s StressLess Camping!

Many RVs have pocket beds where making the “far side” of the bed is an exercise in contortion. In this case, making the bed is optional and involves pulling a zipper. 

I was impressed by the quality of the construction of the RV Super Bag - the zipper and all the materials seem to be high quality. There are a variety of sizes and styles for the bag itself to match RVs and boats. 

The RV Superbag features winter and summer sides for a comfortable night.

For the sheets, there are three choices of thread count; 200, 300 and 725. We got the 300 thread count sheets which are nice although, of course, the higher thread count is more luxurious if that’s your choice. The sheets simply hold in place with Velcro strips built into the sheets and the bag itself. 

As someone who must do some sort of calisthenics at night I’ve found that my nocturnal dance party couldn’t dislodge the sheet from the bag. The fasteners are plentiful and well placed. The whole thing is really comfortable and both Peggy and I really like the ease of making the bed in the morning. 

Our RV has a walk-around queen bed but it’s also a Murphy bed so we were curious if the comforter/bag would stay in place when we flipped the bed up. Sure enough - everything stays put with the straps on the bed and it’s ready for the snore fest when you flip it down. 

Another interesting aspect of this bag is that there is a winter and a summer side with the winter side being considerably thicker than the summer side. In the colder months, just flip it over and have the thicker side on top. In summer, reverse for cooler comfort. Someone has thought ahead!

Obviously you can zip up the sides at night while you’re snug in bed or leave them unzipped. I like them zipped and there are zipper pulls both inside and outside the bag. Unlike every other sleeping bag I’ve ever occupied, the zipper didn’t seem intent on catching on the material in the darkness of night when one returns from a trip to the restroom. 

Considering the quality of the whole thing I was happy with my purchase. We bought a king-sized bag for our RV queen mattress only to accommodate our extra girth and the whole fit is good. 

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